Monday, November 10, 2008

What will YOU do for Veteran's Day?

This is a response I gave to the comments from a picture posted by clfhcks

What's interesting is how the commentaries jump to conclusions about what he meant by 'BULL SHIT.'

From the page: "You guys fighting like a bunch of middle-school girls over a guy with your ad hominem diatribes, with the exception of wquatman. Not one of these comments are asking what these guys mean by their flag.

Folks, regardless of what that answer is, we need to pull together to support them not only while they are in harm's way, but when they return. Driving around with a yellow ribbon and attempting to slap down anyone who disagrees with your worldview does not serve our brave men and women in the least.

These guys are hurting. For every dead soldier there are 10 like this one who have returned with obvious wounds like this or not so obvious wounds. Stop this senseless bickering and give your support where it's needed as in veteran's benefits or just someone for these guys to talk to.

Honor the warrior, not the war"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Real America?

Credit: John Fraser

Here's a text message I received the other day forwarded from my son's [friends]:

Hallmark is coming out with an Obama Christmas ornament.
Now every family in America can hang a nigger from a tree.

I was at a local pool hall this Friday where I overheard someone say that there is an Obama Assassination pool, where they are betting on the date it will take place. Then I heard another man say, "I just want to say that I'm pro-assassination."

Racism is alive and well here in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Imagine that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Electronic Vote Flipping

UPDATE: Guess what happened when I tried to vote this morning?....


I was voting for the Democratic RR Commissioner candidate Mark Thompson and when I tapped the box, it put a check on the next office race (a democratic candidate). They took the [voting] computer out and put me on the next one which let me vote without any DETECTABLE problem.

Prediction: Massive voter turnout. Polls showing Obama with a double-digit lead in the polls on election day. Exit polls showing Obama with a landslide victory.

McCain wins in an upset,
confounding the experts.
Vice President-elect
Palin declares it a miracle.

We have been warned.

I received two reports this morning of vote flipping, one from Travis County (Austin) and one from Bexar County (S. Antonio). In the second case the individual claimed that after detecting and fixing 5 "flipped" votes they then discovered two more.


Here is what our local Democratic HQ leader wrote in response to this:

Every voting machine in Smith County is programmed by ES&S. All of the ballot programming and PEB programming is done in Nebraska and air-frieghted here for each election (at great expense to the county taxpayers, I hasten to add). I am 100% confident that no one in the county Elections Administrator's office has the knowledge or the ability to do the programming you suggest. Nor do I think any of them would be willing to do such a thing. The folks in Nebraska ... well, I don't trust them at all.

However, I agree that flipping the vote is entirely possible. The scenario you outlined is likely a workable method. This is not news. Believe me, I share your sincere concern, both for Smith County voters and for every other voter in the US who is forced to use these damned machines by the county and/or state legislators who chose them and continue to ignore significant studies which indicate how easily they can be tampered with. Further, our officials, specifically the County Commissioners Court, ignore the many counties and states which have essentially junked their machines in favor of the good old printed ballot.

Until we get control of our local decision-makers, we can either vote on these machines or sit at home and refuse to vote as a protest. I know which of those choices is the better at this point. I am begging for volunteers at each poll to insure the integrity of the process, both inside as appointed Poll Watchers and outside as Election Protection team members and electioneers. Are you willing to step up and work for freedom on Nov. 4?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Got Pranked (video)

People laughed out loud upon hearing the audio tape of Quebec comedian Marc-Antoine Audette talking to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as he pretended to be Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France.

But now, coming as it did just before the election, Palin's obliviousness during the prank phone call cannot be overlooked. If she is that easily duped by some joker obviously dropping clues to let her off the hook, then what does this reveal about her judgment and political street smarts? Reasonable observers can only conclude that she's naïve, easily manipulated and not even close to being ready for prime time.

Palin's heart may be in the right place, but her head is in the Alaskan clouds. Inattention to detail and gullibility are not exactly qualities that help the vice president do a good job. In 2008, at least, Palin simply represents too much of a threat to national security for voters to let her get any closer to Washington that she already is. --updoc1011