Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bill Hicks - Just a Ride

Bill Hicks Just a Ride, originally uploaded by androidny.
This glimpse of wisdom was a result of Bill and his close friends going out laying in a field for four hours while under the influence of mushrooms. Here's what he had to say about it:
"I think it's interesting the two drugs that are legal - alcohol and cigarettes, two drugs that do absolutely nothing for you at all - are legal, and the drugs that might open your mind up to realise how you're being fucked every day of your life? Those drugs are against the law. Coincidence? See, I'm glad mushrooms are against the law, cos I took 'em one time, you know what happened to me? I laid in a field of green grass for four hours, going, 'My God, I love everything.' Yeah, now if that isn't a hazard to our countries...How are we gonna justify arms dealing if we know we're all one?"    --Bill Hicks

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