Thursday, October 9, 2008

Angry voter threatens Registrar, says he needs to 'keep the ni@@er out of office.'

As you may well already know, this is not an anomaly. This is well within the norm around these parts. You want to see people in the south dancing in the streets and praising Jesus? Show them a picture of Obama with his brains splattered all over the inauguration platform. If he gets that far. Maybe Obama should have less faith in the Secret Service just like the Pope has less faith in his own protector?

Look at this man. Pretty normal looking to me. Pissed off and scared, but normal looking.
Besides, he's just sayin' what millions of god-fearin' white folk are thinking already.

Do you think our nation's preachers across the country are going to stand up in front of their congregations and condemn this attitude as the teachings of Jesus demand? If you do, I've got some prime real estate in the 9th Ward of N'yoluns to sell 'ya.

We are destroying ourselves from within. Bin Laden doesn't have to lift a finger to help.We have met the enemy and he is us.

The terrorists have already won.

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