Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joseph McCarthy Politics


Chris Matthews does a great job here exposing the RNC's naked attempt at slander. These are the same tactics that Joseph McCarthy used back in the 50's. We all know where that led. Here we go again.

Folks, I just had a conversation with several people last night that are convinced that Obama will be assassinated. One of them also said that McCain, if elected, will be assassinated and Sarah Palin will become president and set everything straight.

Imagine that.

Whatever the outcome, the next president will inherit a fractured nation where a huge chunk of them will dance in the streets if Obama is picked off with Joe Six-pack's .306 Remmington deer rifle. Thanks to the RNC's propaganda machine, we are teetering on the verge of civil war once again over race. We all know where that led as well.

I guess by these McCarthyism standards, I am now classified as one who 'hates America.' Well, I guess those of you who 'love America' better get busy contacting the DHS to report my 'un-American' activities. For the record, back in July of 1997, I took an oath to 'protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.' I still consider that oath to be in force. To pledge allegiance to some flag is meaningless if 'for which it stands' means something completely different than this precious document. I you regard this country to be something different than upholding the Constitution of the United States, then consider me your sworn enemy.

Here we go again.

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